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Google Cultural Institute

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An icon for everything.

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Is that clean enough for you?

Google without Google in a white clear minimal place: here.

When is too much simply too much

Are we addicted to socialmedia?


Da próxima vez que for a algum lado, dê uma vista de olhos no Big Art Mob.

Qualquer pessoa pode adicionar obras de arte de rua à comunidade.


Spanish artist angelica dass has conceived ‘humanae’.

“The project applies the alphanumerical classification of the pantone coloring system to human skin tone, communicated through a photographed portraiture series. the background of each piece is dyed the exact shade extracted from a sample of 11 x 11 pixels from the very face of the people depicted, with the ultimate aim being to record and catalog, through a scientific measurement, all possible complexions.”

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Wallpapers para a família Apple – iPhone e iPad

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What the good doctor recommends!